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Revised Final Project Options

Hi All,

Here’s a proposed set of options for completing our work this semester. Feedback and sidebars welcome (thanks to those of you who have reached out about this already). We can plan to discuss in class, refine this list together, and move on from there.

Option One: Continue with projects.

  • Environmental scan and proposed form for the final artifact due April 7
    • Potential forms
      • Grant Proposal (along these lines)
      • Physical prototype of a project with 5 page description
      • 10-15 page reflective narrative of a project you’re doing elsewhere
      • Proposal for a larger research project
      • Other

Final Artifact due May 18. Presentation optional.

Option Two: Term Paper

Write a final paper of 10-15 pages that draws upon readings from at least three weeks this semester which describes the critical educational technology toolkit that you will take forward in your work.  Due May 18.

Option Three: Lexicon Work

Referencing reading from this course, craft a definition for at least 10 terms on the Ed Tech lexicon. Your definitions should then be shared with the class before the end of the semester, and revised and submitted by May 18.