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  • Announcing: Second Breakfast
  • Perhaps it's a tad jarring for HEWN to return from a months-long absence with an announcement that this will be the last newsletter I send from Substack. But hey folks: this is the last newsletter I will send from Substack, and as a subscriber, I thought you should know.
  • Hi. It's been a while. Again.
  • Hope is a discipline — Mariame Kaba
  • A little Dog that wags his tail / And knows no other joy / Of such a little Dog am I / Reminded by a Boy — Emily Dickinson

OL Daily, Stephen Downes

  • Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, Jun 02, 2023 Some intriguing thoughts here but ultimately I'm not supporting (also, I don't like Wilco). "Should we allow educators to have one course that they completely mess with? That is unmade from the convention?" asks Martin Weller. I commented, "They can already do this. I've been doing it […]
  • Destiny Wagner, TechNotes Blog, Jun 02, 2023 Quick introduction to Waklelet. "In Wakelet, a Collection refers to a curated grouping of resources around a specific topic or theme. On the other hand, a Space in Wakelet refers to a collaborative area where a group of people can work together, share resources, and engage in discussions." […]
  • Anita Brooks Kirkland, Canadian School Libraries Journal, Jun 02, 2023 I don't want to be like the Chronicle and do wall-to-wall culture wars coverage, but I do need to take note of the spillover from the U.S. into this country and point to this excellent analysis that identifies the source of recent campaigns here in […]
  • Olivia Sanchez, The Hechinger Report, Jun 02, 2023 This article describes "what about 8,000 students at Arizona State University are already doing on a weekly basis as a part of their introductory biology courses. Replacing traditional labs, this new technology from Dreamscape Learn is used to reinforce the foundational life science concepts they are learning […]
  • Terry Greene, Learning Nuggets, Jun 02, 2023 This is a story of the making of Liberated Learners, an open book that aims "to enable a well-rounded and ready-for-almost-anything post-secondary learner. For Learners. By Learners." Terry Greene points to and credits a who's-who of the Canadian open learning community, from David Porter to Dave Cormier to […]

Michael Feldstein, E-Literate

  • Everything old is new again. And vice versa. The post ChatGPT: Post-ASU+GSV Reflections on Generative AI appeared first on e-Literate.
  • The real threat of students cheating with programs like ChatGPT is not that they'll get away with it. Rather, the threat is that, in getting away with it, they prove that they are training themselves for jobs that can easily be replaced by an algorithm. The post ChatGPT Wrote This Article and then Totally Stole […]
  • The combination of rapid shifts in workforce demand and dwindling supply of traditional students is creating conditions that will drive change. The post The Catalysts for Competency-Based Learning and Prior Learning Assessments Have Arrived appeared first on e-Literate.
  • A gentle slope to CBE, hosted by Open LMS. The post I’m Facilitating a Webinar on CBE on 1/18 appeared first on e-Literate.
  • The current leg down in EdTech venture investing is caused by problems in the public financial markets. The next one may be caused by problems in the private markets. The post EdTech’s Funding Problems Are Going to Get Worse appeared first on e-Literate.

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